Trolley Dances SF 2014

San Francisco Trolley Dances has been dubbed “art for citizens” and “a gift to the City” by past attendees and has become one of the most eagerly-awaited events of the Bay Area’s fall dance season.

This two-day, free public performance curated by Epiphany Dance Theater artistic director Kim Epifano, pairs artists and ensembles with specific sites along San Francisco’s MUNI route, where they are invited to create an 8- to 15-minute piece in response to the physical environment, architecture and history of the area.

Video by

Jenny Stullburg

Performed by

Zoë Klein, David Paris, Marina Mendoza, Steven Delaney, Andrey Pfening, & Shira Yaziv.

Photos by

Daniel Weiermann

© 2014 by Zoë Klein Productions