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Womb Seed

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Womb Seed is

a ritual,

a preparation,

an honoring of life

growing in my belly. 


Birth is a life changing event for many women.  But as an adopted person, past and future always feels interrupted by rupture.  Where do I plant my seed? 

 Photo by  Daniel Weiermann

As an indigenous international adopted person from Colombia, I have created the evolving performance series and gallery installation titled Womb Seed in order to repair, make ritual and celebrate the female power of life creation.  


Birth is a life-changing event for many women.  Before birthing my first child, my past and future always felt interrupted by rupture, family separation.  I always asked: Where do I plant my seed?   Birthing my baby in my homeland Colombia brings me to Womb Seed, an evolving performance ritual. 

Once a prayer, then an honoring of life growing in my belly, then a preparation, then a celebration.  

Next, a new mother's role as life protector is home and future protector.  How can an adopted person cultivate their own supreme power and authority over their own body, their past and their future by birthing the next generation in conscious upbringing? The most powerful technology has always been the miracle of life creation.  The shiniest technology is within our babies. 

Wmust raise our children with conscious minds, to bring forth our people's vision, to preserve our cultures and the sanctuary of Mother Nature.  Our children must learn to do the work and lead as respectful protectors of this Earth. 


Womb Seed aims to share this teaching.

 Photos By Robbie Sweeny

Gallery Exhibit




A visual and auditory exhibit. 


I invite you to be part of my journey:

a story of





[photo]  Womb Seed Series - Belly Cast #1 

 Photos By Zoë Klein & Daniel Weiermann

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Thank you to all generous support for Womb Seed provided by :

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And thank you to all our individual donors.

Couldn't do this without you!

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