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Our Work

Zoë Klein Productions
Paradizo Dance

Inspiring audiences through seamingly impossible athletic movement and personal expresson!

Our Work

My acrobatic dance performance uses strong visual imagery and interactive gallery installations to identify the complexity of adoption and the ethics of family making.  


By reclaiming my native identity, and inviting conversation around loss, race, and the importance of origin, I aim to rewrite the narrative of adoption to show that adoptee voices matter and increase public awareness of the impact adoption has on our lives.  While I value everyone’s wholeness in the face of oppression, my creative work first and foremost serves adoptees and the adoptee triad.  


Extraordinary acrobatic imagery, while captivating, serves as a vessel of the difficult raw truths that those considering adoption must face with their choices.  My work offers a starting point for honest dialogue around hard issues of adoption that may one day influence public policy and regulations regarding adoption.

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